Kiss Music From The Elder: A Musical Revolution!

Kiss Music From The Elder is a 1981 album by the American hard rock band Kiss. It was the band’s first album to feature a concept, as well as their first album with a new line-up, featuring guitarist Vinnie Vincent and drummer Eric Carr. The album was released on November 10, 1981, and was an attempt to capitalize on the success of the band’s 1979 album Dynasty. The album was a critical and commercial failure, and would be the band’s last studio album with Vincent and Carr.

The concept of Kiss Music From The Elder was a loose adaptation of the Arthurian legend, with the band as the Knights of The Elder. The album featured more symphonic elements than any of the band’s previous albums, including string arrangements and a choir. The album’s singles, "The Oath" and "I", failed to chart, and the album received mixed reviews from critics. Despite its commercial failure, the album is held in high regard by some fans, and has been re-released several times over the years.

Kiss Music From The Elder

Kiss Music From The Elder was the twelfth studio album by the rock band Kiss, released in 1981. It was the first Kiss album to not feature founding members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, and was the first album to feature Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent as the new members. The album was not a commercial success, and Rolling Stone magazine panned the album as "a ridiculous concept album that failed to live up to the punk and hard rock standards of the band’s earlier work". Despite the negative reviews, fans of the band have come to embrace the album as a hidden gem, with many of the tracks becoming staples of the band’s live setlists.

Overview of the Album

Kiss Music From The Elder is an iconic album from the legendary rock band, KISS. Released in 1981, the album was the band’s first foray into concept albums, resulting in a unique and creative sound that has been beloved by fans for decades.

Kiss Music From The Elder: A Musical Revolution!

The album follows a storyline, involving a group of elder gods who come to Earth to save humanity from destruction. Musically, the album is far from the hard-rocking anthems that KISS is known for. Instead, it is a mix of classic rock and progressive rock, with a heavy emphasis on keyboards and sound effects. The songs range from the upbeat and catchy "I" to the more somber and powerful "The Oath".

Kiss Music From The Elder has been praised for its ambitious concept and production. Despite its lack of commercial success, the album has gained a cult following, and has been cited as a major influence on the heavy metal and progressive rock genres. The album is a testament to the band’s creative spirit, and a must-listen for any KISS fan.

Songs on the Album

Kiss’ ‘Music From The Elder’ is a concept album that has been lauded as one of the band’s most ambitious and ambitious and creative works. Released in 1981, it was the band’s tenth album and the last to feature original members Ace Frehley on guitar and Peter Criss on drums.

The album tells the story of a journey of a young man, called ‘The Boy’, who is sent on a quest by the Elder. The Boy’s mission is to find The Key To The Universe, which will restore peace and harmony to the world. The album is an epic journey with the Boy encountering a variety of characters along the way, including the mysterious ‘Creatures of the Night’.

The songs on the album are musically diverse, ranging from hard rock to progressive rock and even classical music. The band was able to blend these different styles together seamlessly and create a cohesive sound. The album’s most popular songs include ‘The Oath’, ‘A World Without Heroes’, ‘I’, ‘Only You’, and ‘The Elder’. These songs remain fan favorites to this day and have stood the test of time.

The album is a testament to the band’s creativity and ambition and has been a major influence on many other bands. It is an album that is full of incredible riffs, captivating lyrics, and unforgettable melodies. It is an album that is sure to please any fan of Kiss or classic rock in general. ‘Music From The Elder’ is an album that is sure to remain a classic for many years to come.

Kiss Music From The Elder: A Musical Revolution!

Musical Style

Kiss’s Music from the Elder is a unique entry into the band’s catalog. It’s a concept album that is far removed from the traditional hard rock and metal sound of the group’s classic ’70s and ’80s output. The album features a mix of progressive rock, classical and symphonic elements, as well as a strong emphasis on storytelling and lyrics.

The title track, "The Elder," serves as an introduction to the album’s theme. It starts off with a bold, classical-style intro and then transitions into a hard rock sound, complete with distorted guitars and driving drums. The song features some of the catchiest choruses of the album and a memorable solo section.

The album’s next track, "Just a Boy," shows off the band’s softer side, with a dreamy, folk-inspired melody and wistful lyrics. The song is a stark contrast to the rest of the album, and it serves as a reminder that Kiss is capable of creating music that is both emotionally and musically complex.

The rest of the album follows suit, with a mix of rock and classical influences. "Dark Light" is a mid-tempo rocker with a chorus that is reminiscent of Queen, while "I" is a classical-inspired piece with an emotional piano-driven melody. "A World Without Heroes" is a classic Kiss anthem with a strong chorus and a powerful guitar solo.

Kiss’s Music from the Elder is an ambitious album that shows the band’s willingness to explore new sounds and styles. While not all of the tracks are successful, the album is still an interesting and enjoyable listen. It serves as a reminder that Kiss can still surprise their fans, even after all of these years.



The album has been met with mixed reviews from music critics. Some have praised the album for its ambition and musicianship, while others have criticized it for its lack of focus and direction. However, there is no denying that Kiss Music From The Elder is a unique and interesting album that is definitely worth checking out.